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Electrical Work

Charlotte Handyman Services provides electrical services to customers who would rather not do hazardous electrical work themselves. Most homeowners will experience electrical problems at some point that are frustrating and time consuming, that require a handyman or electrician to correct.

Instead of contracting an expensive electrician for a minor problem, you can call us. Our handyman technicians have a great working knowledge of home electrical problems, and they can fix common electrical problems that many homeowners would rather not address on their own.

For your electrical repairs, call Charlotte Handyman Services. We will handle your electrical problems with safety and efficiency. We do the work while saving you time and money.

Here are some of the many electrical projects we can handle:

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Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair

For ceiling fan installation, call Charlotte Handyman Services. We will have you feeling cool before you know it!

Ceiling fans drastically help cool your home during the summer and keep temperatures consistent in winter months. Ceiling fans can also reduce your reliance on heating and air conditioning units and they only use a fraction of the energy! Ceiling fans are a great thing to have in every room of the house, but when they stop working, you will know it immediately.

Fixing a ceiling fan is often a difficult task. Trying to find the problem while working in the dark and standing on a shaky ladder isn’t the best idea, especially if you don’t know what to look for. The majority of the time the fan will have to be taken down to be repaired.

Many homeowners do not have the tool, knowledge or desire to take on a ceiling fan repair or installation. Or they might not be able to safely climb a ladder and do the necessary work to ge the fan working again. If that describes you, give us a call today and we will take care of you.

Instead of replacing your ceiling fan, it might only need some minor repairs or maintenance to get it working again. If your fan is making strange noises, the blades are spinning unevenly, or it cuts on and off, it probably just needs to be cleaned or adjusted.

If your ceiling fan has problems like these call Charlotte Handyman Services to set up a house visit today! We will do an inspection on your ceiling fan and tell you what the most affordable repair will be.

Lighting Installation

Household light fixtures sometimes stop working out of nowhere. You’ve changed the bulb and checked the fuse panel, but still no luck. If you are having problems with the lighting fixtures or switches in your home, call Charlotte Handyman Services. Our knowledgeable technicians will diagnose your problem and offer the most affordable repair so you can get out of the dark quickly!

Recessed Lighting Installation

Recessed lighting is one of those accents that can really add an elegant touch to your homes decor and give soft lighting that makes any room look better. Whether it’s the kitchen, bedroom or living room, call us today and we can upgrade your lighting to be less intrusive and show off the beauty of your interior decorating.

LED Installation

LED lights have been increasingly popular in recent time. Their energy savings and superior light output is becoming the preferred standard among homeowners.

They last much longer and the energy used is a fraction of traditional halogen and incandescent lights. They don’t run hot, yet they offer much brighter and whiter light than any standard bulb available.

Some LED light uses include:

Hallway and stairwells

Bathroom vanities






LED lights can be installed nearly anywhere and can be programmed to change colors. The only limit is your imagination.