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Exterior Home Repairs

Often, the exterior of your home needs more repairs than the interior. Normal wear from the elements can be damaging to the curb appeal of your home. Get your home back to the way it was when it was built by calling the best handyman in Charlotte.

We can take that weather-worn exterior and get it back to it’s glory with a few simple improvements. Let us come out and walk you through the projects it would take to restore the beauty to your home’s exterior.

Pressure Washing: One of the simplest things we can do is pressure wash all that dirt and build-up off the siding or brick on your home. Though it might look like the home needs a new paint job or siding replaced, many times all it takes is a good session with the pressure washer to reveal that inner beauty.

Siding repair/replace: Oftentimes, siding takes a beating from fallen limbs or heavy wind and rain. If your siding has some holes or seems to be peeling off, don’t hesitate to call us. We can do repairs o all types of aluminum, plastic, and hardiboard siding. These repairs not only help the look of your home, but also keep pests and weather off of the interior wood and foundation, where they can become real problems.

Deck cleaning/repair: If your deck has seen better days, we can do full restorations or even bring your vision of a new deck to life. Deck restoration is a labor-intensive job, so it is always worthwhile to look at replacing it with a new deck. The added value to your home is almost always worth the investment. Even if you just want to add on to your existing deck, call Charlotte Handyman Services and find out what we can bring to your outdoor living space.

Power Washing Service: Pressure washing or power washing removes built up dirt and debris from deck, patio, pavements or any outdoor space, Hassle free rental and return, of tools taken care by our professionals, to make your exterior shine again.

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