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Furniture Assembly

If you’ve ever read the instructions on a new bike or, some assembly required is rarely true. Between missing pieces, instructions that are in another language (IKEA), or no instructions at all, assembling that new furniture item can be a daunting task. Don’t even fuss with it!

Call us and we will take care of all the heavy lifting (literally) and the detailed assembly. We are detail oriented and have the skills to know exactly how to turn all those pieces, parts, nuts and bolts into the picture on the box every time.

Charlotte handyman Services will get it put together quickly and efficiently. After all, what fun is it to see the piece you like in the store, completely put together and ready to use, only to find out that it’s going to take you half a day or more to put it together? Charlotte handyman professionals will handle it the right way.

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Assembly Services

Here’s just a small offering of what we assemble. If you don’t see your item on the list, give us a call and we will handle it for you.



Bed Frames