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Interior Projects

We can help you finish off any projects in your house that you never finished or don’t want to tackle yourself. The number of things that you can repair or improve inside your house is almost endless. Here are a few ideas of how Charlotte Handyman Services can help you get your home fixed up quickly while still being affordable.

Kitchen Maintenance: Kitchen is a one of the most used living space, with passage of time, wear and tear is expected. Whether you have a broken cabinet, hardware or of chipped back splash tile. Charlotte Handyman Services have the tools and expertise to make any repairs and transform your kitchen to a chef worthy one.

Drywall Repair: We repair or replace any drywall issues you have. Whether it’s those big holes caused by rowdy kids or chewed up corners from the family pet, we can get it fixed and looking like new in no time.

Painting: Painting is one of those things that can help almost any room, but few people have the desire to do it. We take the time to help you choose just the right color and sheen, and take all the hassle out of changing your walls into the canvas you have in mind. From start to finish, we know the details are what make or break any painting project. Call the best handyman in Charlotte and we’ll get it done right the first time.

Tile/grout repair: Is your tile in need of a refresh? What about the grout? Even if your tile still looks good, it doesn’t take much to make that grout look dirty all the time. Call us and we can replace that dingy grout today? You would be shocked how much this simple fix will do to brighten up your kitchen or bathroom. And if your tile is in need of being replaced, don’t hesitate to call. We can do a few broken tiles or replace all of it! Charlotte handyman Services has you covered.

Laminate flooring: Carpet has it’s pros, but the allergens and dirt that works it’s way into the fibers are not good for anyone. Not to mention the smell that carpet can have when it’s been worn in for many years. Why not call us and consider a new laminate floor to replace that old dirty carpet. The choices are endless, and laminate flooring is designed to hold up under heavy foot traffic and is impervious to scratches that wood floors can’t offer. And the best part is, the installation is usually pretty fast, so you could have your new floor finished before the week is done!

We can also handle those small jobs that seem to add up on the to do list you can’t seem to keep up with. Dryer vent cleaning, picture frame and mirror hanging, A/C filter replacement, and re-caulking your bathroom and kitchen are just a few jobs always on that honey-do list.

Call us today and see what the most affordable handyman in Charlotte can do for you!


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